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Peggy K's Creator Weekly Issue #8: YouTube Policy, Google Search's MUM, Meet Caption Translation

Peggy K's Creator Weekly Newsletter
This week YouTube banned all vaccine misinformation, Google Meet launched automatically-translated live captions (in beta), and at the Google “Search On 2021” event the company announced improved visual search using MUM AI and Google Lens. 
In social media Clubhouse now lets you share audio clips and offer room Replays, Twitter launched Professional Profiles for businesses, and Facebook is under fire (again).
Plus there are more updates for video creators, new productivity features and more.  

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Google Cloud Next is October 12-14. Register for free and plan to learn more about Google Workspace services (like Docs, Chat and Meet), Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and more. 
Top Stories
YouTube expanded their policy prohibiting medical misinformation so that false claims about any vaccines (not just COVID-19 vaccines) are not allowed.There are exceptions for content about vaccine trials, policy discussion, history and personal testimonials. Already YouTube has removed prominent anti-vaxxers Robert F. Kennedy, Jr and Joseph Mercola from the platform. 
Google Illustrations are new customizable images you can use as your Gmail and Google profile image. You can currently access them when you set your profile photo in Google Contacts on Android. It will eventually be available on iOS devices and the web.
Live translated captions in Google Meet are available in beta. It will initially support English captions translated to Spanish, French, Portuguese and German. (You can use Chrome’s built in translation tool to translate into other languages)
Google Meet is also making it easier for teachers with an update to class meetings set up in Google Classroom. New features for Education include: a waiting room for students who join before the teacher; Google Classroom co-teachers are automatically meeting co-hosts; and guests not on the class roster will have to “ask to join” .
Google Search Improvements
This week was Google’s “Search On 2021” event, where they announced upcoming advances to Google Search. The MUM AI is making Search smarter, and the results are getting more visual.
Are you creating short vertical videos yet?
The YouTube Shorts Fund has launched in more than 30 new countries, from Algeria to Vietnam. Every month the Shorts Fund bonus is split between channels with original high-performing Shorts. 
Reels on Facebook launched this week, with Instagram Reels suggested on Facebook, plus the option to create Reels in the Facebook app. To encourage creators, Facebook has a new invite-only bonus program for Reels that are popular on Facebook and or Instagram.
TikTok now has more than 1 billion monthly users. That is up from 507 million in December 2019.
More of this week's updates
YouTube and Video
Social Media
  • Popular image sharing site Imgur has been acquired by MediaLab. That puts Imgur in the company of Kik, Whisper, and Genius. James Vincent at The Verge suggests that MediaLab’s business model is “acquiring ailing brands with sizable, but stagnant, communities. Presumably, the goal is to bundle together traffic from these properties to sell ads or data, while cutting costs by sharing the work of keeping the sites running.” Not a great sign for Imgur’s active users.
  • Clubhouse has made it easier to find and share content. They introduced Universal Search for rooms, the ability to create and share 30 second audio Clips, and audio-on-demand recorded Replays. This may give the platform a boost.
  • Twitter opened up Professional Profiles to businesses in the US. If your business has a physical location, you can apply. Professional Profiles have an “About” module with the business address, hours of operation and a “Contact” button. Twitter may also offer business features like Twitter Ads, shopping and more. Twitter plans to offer more Professional Profile types, including Creators.
  • David Bloom at Tubefilter takes a look at Facebook’s response to The Wall Street Journal’s recent series based on leaked internal documents, and likens it to “running their own disinformation campaign.
That’s all for this week.
Image: Marigolds by Shiebi AL from Pexels
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