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Peggy K's Creator Weekly Issue #5: YouTube Community Posts, Chat Spaces, Twitter Communities,

Peggy K's Creator Weekly Newsletter
Today is the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. I was fortunate. I didn’t lose family or friends and my life was minimally disrupted. But I will never forget.

Making hybrid work work
Four simple steps to make your YouTube channel (and yourself) more secure
This week's updates
Top Updates
More of this week’s updates: 
YouTube and Video
  • There is a new YouTube India Help Community in Hindi and English.
  • YouTube now shows Trending Hashtags on the Explore tab for US mobile app users. Trending hashtags show the fastest growth among users in various categories like gaming and sports.
  • YouTube is expanding automatic Chapters to all videos on the platform. Until now it has only been added to newly uploaded videos. You can allow or disallow automatic chapters using bulk editing in YouTube Studio. The setting is also available during the upload flow and you can turn it off for your channel entirely.
  • YouTube Partners can now appeal videos with “yellow $ icons” (“not suitable for all brands”)  in the YouTube Studio mobile app. 
  • Twitch’s new Creator Goals lets creators publicly display their sub and follower goals, and progress will update in real time. Twitch will also helpfully suggest goals to add.
  • Vimeo now supports Dolby Vision with “ultra-vivid picture, brighter highlights, darker shadows, and incredible color.” Dolby Vision is supported on iPhone 8 and above, 2nd generation iPad Pro and above, Mac, and Apple TV 4K (if connected to a Dolby Vision TV).
Web Creators
  • Flickr is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Creative Commons. They highlight some popular accounts sharing photos under a Creative Commons license (lots of space and science), and favorite CC licensed photos.
  • Google Photos now offers more options for printing your photos.You can get photo prints in 7 different sizes delivered to you (if you are in the United States), or same day pickup at multiple locations in the US and Japan. There are also multiple sizes of canvas prints, photo books, and the premium photo print subscription for monthly prints. 
  • Google Meet is starting to roll out a new Visual Effects panel on desktop for Google Workspace users to make it easier to select background blur, images or styles. Filters and styles are currently available on mobile devices.
  • Companion mode in Google Meet will be available starting in November. This gives participants in a conference room the same features and tools as remote participants.
  • Houseparty, the social network video chat app, will be shut down in October. Houseparty was a pivot by the team that developed the Meerkat live streaming app. It was acquired by Epic Games - of Fortnite fame -  in 2019. They will be “working on creating new ways to have meaningful and authentic social interactions at metaverse scale across the Epic Games family.” (“Metaverse” is the current favorite buzzword). 
  • Twitter is continuing to update Spaces, their live audio chat platform. Now there is an informative end card when the Space is over listing the host and speakers (and giving you the option to follow them).
Image: Image of the spiral galaxy NGC3254 taken by the Hubble space telescope. Shared by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on Flickr under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic licence (CC by 2.0).
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