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Peggy K's Creator Weekly Issue #11: Pixel 6 features, Instagram on desktop, Web Creators Portal

Peggy K's Creator Weekly Newsletter
New this week: See how the new Pixel 6 uses machine learning for cool image, audio and video features,; post to Instagram on desktop, learn how hijackers take over YouTube accounts, and check out the new Google (Web) Creators portal.
Plus there is news and updates for productivity, social media, and more.

Pixel 6 Features
This week Google announced the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones. You can get all the specs here. It uses Google’s own Tensor chip that allows state-of-the-art machine learning and AI that drives some of the unique Pixel 6 features. Will it convince Apple users to switch?
Here are some of the tools I’m excited about: 
Top News
Google has launched a new Google for (Web) Creators portal. Among the features are guides for creating content and building an audience, upcoming events, and Google’s toolsCheck it out!
Google’s Threat Analysis Group has published an overview of recent phishing campaigns targeting YouTube creators. Scammers offer fake collaboration opportunities that require a software download (such as a VPN). That malware steals web browser session cookies, which gives the hijacker access to the account without having to actually sign in. The stolen YouTube channels are often used for cryptocurrency scams. Read the article to see the lengths the hijackers go to to be undetected and appear legitimate.
Google Meet is rolling out new host control features: Audio Lock and Video Lock. This lets the host turn off the microphone and camera of other participants, who will not be able to turn them back on unless the host unlocks them. This will be available to G Suite Basic and Business and all Google Workspace customers. On mobile devices participants must have Android M (6) or higher or iOS 12 or higher, and participants with unsupported devices will be kicked out of the meeting when audio or video locks are enabled.
There are also exciting new features from Instagram this week.
More news and updates
If you have a Pixel 3 or higher phone Android 12 is rolling out. It has a new “Material You” look, plus new security settings and useful tools like scrolling screenshots (to capture the full page) and wi-fi credential sharing with Nearby Share.
Android Developers can design a custom Team Jetpack Superhero to get ready for the Android Developers Summit on October 27-28.
YouTube is using video Chapters as a source of metadata in search, including automatically added Chapters. That may surface your videos in more search results. It’s probably worth reviewing any automatically added Chapters on your videos to make sure they accurately reflect the content. Learn more about Chapters.
Live shopping is coming to YouTube. They are testing “shoppable” livestreams that let viewers shop without leaving the video they are watching. 
Is your YouTube channel in a fall slump? That may be normal seasonal variation, not an algorithm change. Watch the linked video for more about YouTube’s recommendation system, and why you should share your videos on social media, but not worry about tags.
A new creator guide by Leo Wattenberg in the YouTube Gaming subreddit explains what to do if you get a strike. Don’t panic! Then read the guide.
Web Creators
Google has published an overview of how their search quality rater guidelines are used. Google wants to help define high-quality content that demonstrates expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-A-T) on a topic. Quality raters help confirm that search results are meeting the guidelines. You can read the guidelines yourself here (pdf) and check the changelog at the end to see what’s changed over time.
Google Photos “Memories” are now available on the web. If you take mostly landscape photos it is nicer viewing than Memories on mobile.
Social Media
The Vienna Tourist Board is promoting museums on Only Fans, sharing art that could be removed from social media sites due to nudity.
Twitter is rolling out the ability for everyone on iOS and Android to host a Space. Spaces is Twitter’s social audio feature. Up until now it was limited to Twitterers with at least 600 followers.
Twitter’s Revue (which I use) now lets people sign up for your newsletter right in their Twitter timeline. And readers who have an email linked to their Twitter account can subscribe with one click.
Pinterest announced “Takes, a way for people to respond to a creator’s idea with their own Idea Pin. They are touting it as a way for creators to build community around “shared passions”.
Pinterest also announced a new Creator Hub and a new option for US creators to earn money with “Creator Rewards”.
Spotify now lets artists sell merch to fans from their profile with Shopify integration.
Facebook announced it will take steps to demote Groups content from members who have violated the Community Standards anywhere on facebook.
Donald Trump’s surprising new social media company and platform (“Truth”) is off to a rough start (but it may make someone money anyway).
Vox takes a look at fictional social media influencers. That TikToker you just watched may be performing from a script.
You can now easily insert people, content and events into your Google Docs by typing @ to access the new universal insertion menu. Quickly mention a person or group, insert another file, or add a date, template or event.
A small update to Google Docs lets you easily add a page break before paragraphs. This will be rolling out over the next few weeks.
Gmail is making it easier to view and edit recipient details in the “To”, “Cc” and “Bcc” fields. One of the neat features is that you can change how a contact name is displayed to recipients  without having to change the Google Contacts entry.
Google Calendar will let you add “Focus Time” entries, so that colleagues know you will not be available during that time. You can also automatically decline conflicting events. This is only available to Google Workspace for Education, Enterprise and Business Starter and Plus accounts.
JR Raphael offers 13 tricks for Google Maps on Android. My favorite: mark your parking location. 
Image: “Buzzwords” by Aimee Baldwin, Logan Austeja and John Daniel. The colorful lanterns are inspired by wasp galls. Photo by me, all rights reserved.
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