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This week's creator news, tips and tutorials. Get the latest on YouTube, Blogger, AdSense, and other creator platforms, plus updates to social media and more in your email inbox.

This week's creator news, tips and tutorials. Get the latest on YouTube, Blogger, AdSense, and other creator platforms, plus updates to social media and more in your email inbox.

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Peggy K's Creator Weekly: Meet Pins & PiP; YouTube Corrections; RIP IE

Join me on Sunday, June 19, on Twitter for #OnEBoardChat about livestreaming and community building.Discussion starts at 11AM Pacific time/6PM UTC, and everyone is welcome to participate. Follow the conversation live on Twitter or check my profile to see the …


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: Meet for Edu features, Pixel updates, Apple WWDC

Apple WWDC AnnouncementsYou can learn more about the new Mac hardware here. My favorite announcement (as a non-Apple user): easily using your iPhone as a webcam. That would be very cool if Pixels and Chromebooks could work together that way.Shared tabs in Saf…


Peggy K's Creator Weekly - Meet + Duo, YouTube Shorts Analytics, Pride

Come Through! for PRIDE 2022 on YouTube: Come Through! For Pride Shorts Challenge (see the link for details), YouTube Pride destination (with history, “Pride Anthems” playlist on YouTube MusicPinterest inspires you to be who you are through “We Belong Here” c…


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: YouTube Comments, Starter, Twitter Create

This week I joined Michael Daniels and Heather Kraafter on Tinkering with Tech to discuss securing your Google account. You can watch the video replay here.And if you haven’t yet run a security checkup on your Google account, do that here: https://myaccount.g…


Join me live to learn about Google Accounts!

Your Google account lets you use products and services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Photos, and Drive. It also sets your identity for most Google products. Is your account secure? Is your information private? Could you recover your account if you lost access…


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: Accessibility, YouTube Viewers, Updated Analytics

Free is still free (for personal use)If you have a free legacy G Suite account that you use for non-commercial purposes, you can keep your account. Business users still need to upgrade to a paid Google Workspace account. Educational institutions and nonprofit…


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: Google I/O Recap, YouTube Clips, Membership Gifting

Google I/O keynote in under 12 minutes (this is an excellent cut)A list of 100 announcements at Google I/O.New Pixel hardware and Android updatesNew Hardware: There is a whole Pixel ecosystem, with the new Pixel 6a available in July, Pixel 7 available in the …


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: YouTube Live Redirect; Passwordless Accounts; Twitter Circle

Google I/O begins May 11. The virtual conference is totally free. You can see the program here. Derrek Lee at Android Central speculates about what he expects will be presented, but there is sure to be more (and no guarantee everything he mentions will be inc…


Peggy K's Creator Weekly - YouTube Super Thanks, new Review Tab, Twitter's new owner

If country music is your jam, watch the Stagecoach music festival live on YouTube this weekend. Check out the official Stagecoach Festival music channel.To learn more about Google products and services sign up for these free virtual conferences:May 4: Google …


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: Earth Day, YouTube Channel Guidelines, Spotify Video Podcasts

Earth Day was Friday, April 22. This is time to consider how you can help the environment, learn new ways to garden, participate in a cleanup, or find out what you can do to limit the impact of climate change. And, of course, all the big companies had to chim…


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: YouTube Research, Subtitle Editors, Meet in Docs

The Coachella Valley Music Festival is this weekend and next weekend. Watch the music performances live on YouTube through Monday, April 18 on the Coachella YouTube channel. Next weekend (April 22-24) is a “curated livestream experience.”YouTube is also spons…


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: Multisearch images, YouTube channel filters, Meet automatic sign-out

Sunday I will be hosting the #OnEBoardChat Twitter chat on the topic of community moderation. In particular how off platform behavior or events should influence moderation decisions, both for individuals and businesses or organizations. Join us, or follow the…


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: new Meet features, Calendar appointment booking, YouTube @mentions

April FoolsApril Fools’ Day passed without the joke posts from tech companies that seemed ubiquitous just a few years ago.I agree with Andy Baio here:


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: Hangouts migration to Chat, Photos organization, Instagram chronological feed

FeedBurner is finally shutting down its feed to email service. In a change originally announced in July 2021, “non core features”, including subscriptions, are being shut down. In an update posted this month, it was announced the shutdown would be in “the com…


Peggy K's Creator Newsletter: YouTube Live updates, Google Analytics 4, Google Domains

I am part of the OnEBoard community. One of the things we do is create a collaborative photo album on a theme, which is then turned into a short movie for OnEBoard’s YouTube channel. The latest themes were mountain huts and winter. I didn’t have any photos to…


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: AdSense in Russia, Substack content platform, Reddit Creator Stats

YouTube is offering a series of eight free Creator Masterclasses starting March 22. You can sign up for one or all of them. Topics include live streaming, visual style, Shorts, copyright, monetization, branding and the algorithm. You must have at least 1000 s…


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: Google Ads in Russia, Space Managers, Insta Captions

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has generated a rapid response from tech companies big and small. Here is an overview of changes affecting creators. Note that this is changing daily, so there may be more changes by the time you read this. Russia has blocked a…


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: migrating from Hangouts to Chat; AdSense & YouTube payments

All Google Workspace accounts will be moved from classic Hangouts to Google Chat on March 22. Hangouts will no longer be available in Gmail or the Hangouts mobile app. But this is not the complete shutdown of Hangouts, as on the web will s…


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: YouTube Live ring, AdSense related search ads, pageless Docs

In “The 6 Year Overnight Success” comedian Julie Nolke talks about the years of hard work, rejection and failure that led to her “overnight” success on YouTube in 2020 (see “Explaining the pandemic to my past self”). I’m thinking about being brave enough to s…


Peggy K's Creator Weekly: YouTube Plans for 2022, Safer Internet Day, Currents moving to Spaces

Superbowl LVI is Sunday in Los Angeles. It is forecast to be an unseasonably warm 85°F (30°C), which is more like beach weather than football weather. My local weather will be a lovely 75°F, so I may spend it outside, rather than in front of the TV.YouTube’s …